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The Secret Life of the TipTop Z-DSP

Most of you will be familiar with the TipTop Z-DSP effects module. It’s a great module which offers some excellent reverb, echo and sound mangling apps. These apps are distributed on a little Game Boy card. The Valhalla reverb and DragonFly echo are included and they will not let you down. But this is not about the Z-DSP’s standard facilities, it’s about the Clock CV input. Many of you may


One of the most underestimated aspects of music production is creating a soundstage. We’re all familar with left, right and center, but it doesn’t end there. There’s also front and back. We can create an illusion of a 3D space by playing with volume, EQ, echo and reverb. A near sound is bright, clear and easy to pinpoint in the L/R/Center field. The sound will be reflected in the soundstage.


TINRS Tuesday Yes I know. It’s a weird name for a module. It’s manufactured by TINRS, an acronym for This Is Not Rocket Science. Tuesday is a sequencer, but it does its melodies through algorithms instead of programming steps. It looks stunning. It has X, Y and I inputs which influence the notes and intervals of the melody. It has outputs for note, gate, accent and velocity. Accent allows you

Maths magic

Today I found an item on Youtube where someone used Maths and a simple oscillator to recreate the  Moog Subharmonicon, currently priced at 1600 euro or more. So I used a simple sine from the DPO, gave it a try and ended up with a magical piece of ambient music. 

The DidgeriDPO Patch

I’ve been experimenting with the MakeNoise Shared System to create a Didgeridoo sound, which turned out to be really cool.  This also shows you need a lot of firepower to create a complex ‘natural’ sound like this. I am hoping to create a video for Shared System owners.  

Metapop ADE remix cypher

I was invited by Metapop and Native Instruments to join a live remix competition on the 18th of october, so I took my gear to Amsterdam and tried to create a decent remix in one hour.  Native provided me with the new  Komplete A25 keyboard and the handy Maschine Micro MK3.  The original artist Raiden was on site to pick a winner. Really happy he chose my mix. Personally I


Tomorrow I’ll travel to Amsterdam for the annual Dance Event where the whole city is a stage. I am invited by Metapop/Native Instruments to participate in a live pressure cooker remix competition – obviously to show how much fun this platform really is. I am a Metapop Mentor, which basically means I try to help producers all over the world as much as I can. But the fun thing is, 

Modular Anonymous

Ok. It just happened. Last week I got the eurorack modular disease. The money black hole. The addiction that beats drugs, alcohol and other bad things. I had to make some choices. Sold my Yamaha Montage 6. Greats synth – maybe the best synth on the planet – but it always gave me a wedding party vibe. It’s not cool as a Bob Moog or a Sequential Dave Smiths. Eurorack

Mission Statement

Hi Guys, Very blog starts with a first post and no audience. This one is no exception. Fortunately a lot has been going on since I came up with the idea of combining cinematic stuff with electronic music. So maybe a new genre was born, but I don’t really think in genres and styles. I love beats, patterns, wide space and emotions – translated to sound. I am a mentor