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The Secret Life of the TipTop Z-DSP

Most of you will be familiar with the TipTop Z-DSP effects module. It’s a great module which offers some excellent reverb, echo and sound mangling apps. These apps are distributed on a little Game Boy card, so it’s not a one stop shopping module. However, the Valhalla reverb card is more reverb than you’ll ever need and DragonFly renders some pretty cool echo. These cards come with the module. But


One of the most underestimated aspects of music production is creating a soundstage. We’re all familar with left, right and center, but it doesn’t end there. There’s also front and back. We can create an illusion of a 3D space by playing with volume, EQ, echo and reverb. A near sound is bright, clear and easy to pinpoint in the L/R/Center field. The sound will be reflected in the soundstage.


TINRS Tuesday Yes I know. It’s a weird name for a module. It’s manufactured by TINRS, an acronym for This Is Not Rocket Science. Tuesday is a sequencer, but it does its melodies through algorithms instead of programming steps. It looks stunning. It has X, Y and I inputs which influence the notes and intervals of the melody. It has outputs for note, gate, accent and velocity. Accent allows you

Maths magic

Today I found an item on Youtube where someone used Maths and a simple oscillator to recreate the  Moog Subharmonicon, currently priced at 1600 euro or more. So I used a simple sine from the DPO, gave it a try and ended up with a magical piece of ambient music. 

The DidgeriDPO Patch

I’ve been experimenting with the MakeNoise Shared System to create a Didgeridoo sound, which turned out to be really cool.  This also shows you need a lot of firepower to create a complex ‘natural’ sound like this. I am hoping to create a video for Shared System owners.  

Metapop ADE remix cypher

I was invited by Metapop and Native Instruments to join a live remix competition on the 18th of october, so I took my gear to Amsterdam and tried to create a decent remix in one hour.  Native provided me with the new  Komplete A25 keyboard and the handy Maschine Micro MK3.  The original artist Raiden was on site to pick a winner. Really happy he chose my mix. Personally I


Tomorrow I’ll travel to Amsterdam for the annual Dance Event where the whole city is a stage. I am invited by Metapop/Native Instruments to participate in a live pressure cooker remix competition – obviously to show how much fun this platform really is. I am a Metapop Mentor, which basically means I try to help producers all over the world as much as I can. But the fun thing is, 

Modular Anonymous

Ok. It just happened. Last week I got the eurorack modular disease. The money black hole. The addiction that beats drugs, alcohol and other bad things. I had to make some choices. Sold my Yamaha Montage 6. Greats synth – maybe the best synth on the planet – but it always gave me a wedding party vibe. It’s not cool as a Bob Moog or a Sequential Dave Smiths. Eurorack

Mission Statement

Hi Guys, Very blog starts with a first post and no audience. This one is no exception. Fortunately a lot has been going on since I came up with the idea of combining cinematic stuff with electronic music. So maybe a new genre was born, but I don’t really think in genres and styles. I love beats, patterns, wide space and emotions – translated to sound. I am a mentor