Love Letters from an Afterlife

This album is dedicated to all the heroes we lost along the way.

I wanted to create a special project for my modular’s maiden voyage. I also wanted to share my experience with composing an concept album. First of all, a concept album needs a theme that binds all tracks together. Since most modular music is associated with strange new worlds, I found the Afterlife very inspiring. I truly believe there is one, which feels much better than believing our existence is useless. Today I’ve lost my mom, she’s joined my dad and brother, so now I am the only one left. It feels better to believe that the people we lost are doing fine. This album is for them. For Bowie & Mercury, my personal heroes. I deliberately used the words ‘an Afterlife’ to honor different cultures and views. I also believe the Afterlife could be a Universe of Personal Experiences.

Thanks mom, for everything. Have a safe journey.