The Divine Comedy

Fuckin’ Dante… poetry-writing faggot! Piece of shit, motherfucker!
Detective David Mills – Quote from the motion picture Seven

How do you feel?
No seriously, this is the most important question you can ask yourself. The best possible answer is awesome. You should be happy with good. Many of us are OK or on the right track. Some of us don’t care, are not really sure, feel sad or bad. And some of us feel down right miserable. Or should I say 350 million people worldwide? Seriously. What has become of your dreams, what are your goals and possibilities? Are you completely happy with who you are and where you are going?

Dante Alighieri wrote his Divine Comedy somewhere between 1308 and 1320. It’s about a journey through the three realms of the Afterlife: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. The Comedy is a guide to make the most out of life and to stay away from its pitfalls. It gives you a clear idea of where fun ends and ‘sin’ starts. Remember this: you will not burn in Hell for having a good time.

Most of the souls in Dante’s Hell are stuck in a moment they can’t (or don’t want to) escape. A simple example is the inability to let go of the things you’ve lost (sadness, anger, revenge), or the things you can’t control (addicted to love, food, things, power, etc).  These examples have nothing to do with the afterlife, they worked in the 14th century and they still work in the 21st.

All stories about the afterlife have one thing in common:  they come from living and breathing people. We have absolutely no idea if these stories are true and we will never find out for as long as we live. However, the important question at the top of this text can give you a pretty good idea about where you are now – the only moment in your life where you can actually do something.

There is only one music style that provides the vocabulary to express a wide range of emotions, environments and actions:  a movie (or game) soundtrack. Most of us don’t care about classical music and symphony orchestras, but we love it when it scares the hell out of us.
This musical version has 27 tracks, 9 for each realm. Inferno is dark, electronic and sometimes ugly, but the symphonic orchestra shines a light in unexpected places. Purgatory is more acoustic and down to earth. It is meant to be a healing album. Paradise is a light and easy chill-out experience. There is plenty of room for any religion, any preference, any race and any science.  We all burn, we all learn and we all need to shine like a crazy diamond.

This version of the Comedy is also a unifying effort. You will find sounds from the west, the far- and middle east, and many territories of electronic music.  I come from a time where electronic music wasn’t divided into hardcore, trap, dance, edm, trance and techno so I guess my style is – kind of – oldschool and vintage. Here’s a link to the gear and plugins that are used.

Safe journey,

Cinematic Dance Music