S01 Inferno

Inferno is the Italian word for Hell. Most of us think of Hell as a dark place where a Loving and Merciful God will punish us for our sins with unthinkable creativity and cruelty.

Just think about it. Does this make any sense at all? No.

Deadly sins
Many the so called ‘deadly sins’ are associated with fun and pleasure – which is a reason in itself to rebel against religion and the idea of eternal punishment. What’s so bad about sex, luxury and good food that you will have to burn for it? Well, remember this simple universal law: if it feels good, then it really is.

If something truly feels good, then it can never be a sin. It is a sin when – something that used to feel good – now makes you feel terrible. It is a sin when something good screws up your life. The reversed universal law is also true:  if it feels bad, then it really is. Simple as that.

Deadly sins aren’t deadly because they break some God’s law, they’re deadly because they ruin your life and your future.  Most of them probably ruin other people’s lives too. We’ve been roaming the Earth for a few thousand years now, and we can agree that God usually doesn’t do anything.  There are very impressive stories in the Big Books, but we don’t know if they really happened. However, we know for sure now that story about Adam and Eve somehow involves a big bang, evolution, dinosaurs and apes.

So maybe it’s possible to stop fighting over holy land and pray to something we can see.  Something that easily qualifies as the Beginning and the End, something we are all part of (whether we believe in it or not), something that unifies all and everything, something nobody understands but doesn’t require proof or blind faith. The Universe.

In this sonic interpretation of Dante’s Inferno we will travel down the concentric circles of hell and we say hi to Lucifer at the center of the Earth. Each circle is dedicated to a sin. They grow more severe and ‘deadly’ as we go down. The 6th circle is surrounded by a city wall, which separates the mild sinners from the evil, most corrupted souls. This website will try to translate these circles to every day life. Maybe you will feel you’re stuck in one of them, like many of us. So abandon all hope here. Hope doesn’t do anything.

Love is the foundation of all good and all evil
Inferno’s tag line is very important. We are all familiar with the cliche’s of love. It conquers all. It’s supposed to be the most powerful thing in the Universe but it isn’t all sunshine. Many people suffer because of love. Many people seek revenge because of love. In the Devine Comedy, many people choose to stay in Hell because of love.

Safe journey and see you at the other side.