S01E01 Limbo

Hell doesn’t want them, and Heaven doesn’t need them

In the original Comedy, Dante is lost in a dark forest. He is unable to find his way home because the paths he’s familiar with are blocked by predators. The dark forest is a symbol for Dante’s midlife crisis.

In this version, the predators symbolize the milestone choices we need to make from time to time. In many occasions, making the right choice is very hard due to fear, assumptions and limited self esteem / confidence.  Now imagine a dark and hostile city that doesn’t even feel close to home. This is where your story starts.

00:00 Dark ambient
The first section of the track drags you out of your comfortable bubble into to the empty streets of an unknown city. You’re scared, disoriented and lost. But, you can stop the track and escape it whenever you want to. You are in control at any time. So you might as well stay.

01:45 Techno
There is something out there, hunting for you. You’re faster, so run for it. This is not going to burn us today.

04:00 Cinematic break
A huge door slowly opens with a soul tearing noise. Abandon all hope beyond this point.

04:53 Symphonic
Your eyes get used to the darkness and you see people. You’re one of the billions of souls, all unique and special. All hurt, bruised, angry and scared. They are about to cross the Acheron river that circles around Hell. But your path will be different.

05:37 Techno
The ground opens up below your feet and you fall down.

You enter an area called Limbo. This area doesn’t look so bad. It is the eternal home for billions of people who never did anything wrong, but never did anything right either. They never took any risks, never made any mistakes and never learned anything. It’s a sad place, but not for the people who belong here. Hell doesn’t want them and Heaven doesn’t need them, so they’re stuck in between. Like most of us.

Production notes
This track originally started off in 2015 as a remake of Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the Machine. I just got Native Instruments Maschine and it opened up a new world for me.