S01E02 Lust

There are probably a lot of people out there who fear God’s anger because they enjoyed sex. First of all, you should never fear God. God doesn’t punish anybody. People do. Second, sex is the force that drives mother nature to get better, stronger and more succesful. And remember, if it feels good, then it really is.

The story of Romeo and Juliet is a good example to understand the concept of lust as a deadly sin. This tragedy is about two lovers who can’t be together because their families can’t stand eachother. Their ultimate solution to this challenge is suicide.  R & J had something wonderful going on, but their families screwed up their relationship and so they killed themselves.

God doesn’t punish anybody. Tradition does. Religion does. Rivalry does. Jealousy does. Segregation and discrimination does. So next time when some idiot tell you that you can’t be with the one you love, don’t listen. Don’t fight it. Run. Stay as far away from these sad  idiots as you can.

00:00 Cinematic
In the 2nd circle of Hell a violent storm is raging through the caverns, carrying the souls of millions of sad lovers. This explains why the track starts with a violent storm with moaning voices in it.

01:12 Progressive
Allow yourself some private thoughts and do not feel guilty about them.

03:55 Symphonic
But what if all the fun is behind you? A memory of times you will never experience again because you’ve lost the love of your life? Because you’re too old and lost your appeal? Because you are clumsy? Because you can’t get it up or can’t get off? The souls in the whirlwind lost something they are unwilling to give up.

05:13 Progressive
The track returns to the earlier fun, wishing this feeling (or memory) would last forever.

Higher Love
Many tracks in Inferno have related tracks in the Purgatory album. When Lust is considered as a sin, then Higher Love is the solution. You can hear the electronic bass from Lust returning in the
S02E08 Higher Love track as a ‘memory’.