S01E03 Gluttony

Over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance or waste

Heavy rain falls down in the 3rd circle of Hell. There is no solid floor, just a slushy pile of mud where you can barely move. There are souls wallowing in their own waste,  completely focused on selfish & extravagant pleasures. Needless to say that this track is supposed to be loud, big, ugly and slow with lots of noise. The percussion is wobbling and lagging around the track like excessive overweight.

Kitchen knives recorded with a Roland R-28 field recorder, sequenced by Maschine

Contains the bass riff from Pink Floyd’s Money.

I wanted a very fat sound for this break. After experimenting with a lot of synth sounds I remembered that John Williams used a tuba for Jabba the Hutt’s theme in Return of the Jedi.  This fat sound is created by combining a symphony tuba and a double base.

Higher Love
Many tracks in Inferno have related tracks in the Purgatory album. When Gluttony is considered as a sin, then Forbidden is its counterpart:
S02E07 Forbidden 

Real life
And while Dante’s vision may seem disturbing enough for most of us, real life is even more shocking. Gluttony is not just about food & beverage addiction, it’s not just about obese and it’s not just about burning our natural resources. It’s completely out of control, but as long as we don’t smell it it does not exist.