S01E05 Anger

In Dante’s Inferno, The 5th circle of Hell is a border between mild and severe sins. It is formed by the river Styx and the citywalls of Dis. The city is guarded by fallen angels, furies (angry female demons)  and Medusa, the woman that can turn you to stone by looking at you.  Inside the circular walls we find the lowest levels of Hell – true evil.

As with all deadly sins, anger becomes a problem when it gets out of control – when you’re addicted to getting even, or incapable to forgive. I still wonder what reason can justify the destruction of the Twin Towers, killing thousands of innocent people just to make a point.  If it’s a matter of revenge, then what did the US do to make these people so angry? And if there’s no reason at all, then it must be true evil.

The Styx

The 5th circle is dedicated to anger and the muddy river Styx is its symbol. There are people openly fighting at the surface. Below it’s surface there are people planning for revenge. A symphony orchestra is used for the intro of this track. The strings and french horns are used to build up tension and agression in slow waves of sound. The volume builds up as we cross the muddy river.

Funk Metal?
The best genre for expressing anger is probably heavy metal music. But since most metal tracks have nothing to do with dance, I borrowed a few ingredients from the 80’s and ended up with a new sound that has a distinct groove. It’s a choreographed fight for justice that will have no winners.

The guitars, bass and drums come from the Ministry of Rock plugin by EastWest

The Walls
We now approach the City of Dis. An islamic morning prayer echoes through the dark buildings. According to Dante’s description, the city has architectural elements from many cultures, including the typical mosque domes and towers. The sad symphonic theme emphasizes that anger is an emotion. It cannot always be controlled.  It’s a vicious circle of love, loss, anger and revenge.

Entering the City
Entering the city isn’t easy. It’s protected by fallen angels and furies. We have to fight our way in, so the Funk Metal returns with a terrific (real) guitar solo (courtesy of Hardwired007).