S01E07 Violence

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why violence belongs to the deepest regions of Hell. In the higher circles we saw all kinds of problems due to emotional, personal weakness. Most of them are about the inability to let go and move on. Violence doesn’t have a reason or goal. It isn’t about survival or revenge. Violence is completely meaningless.

00:00 Time
It’s incredible how good an Ikea cooking alarm sounds when recorded with a near field recorder (Roland). You can hear the delicate mechanics move. But obviously, this sound is used to express time. And we’re running out of it.

01:14 War drums
At this point, the war drums kick in to build up more tension.

01:47 Violence against yourself
The fastest way to hell is suicide. If the meaning of life was just about dying then Mother Nature did not have to go through so much trouble to sustain it. Don’t do it. Death is no dream.

02:51 Violence against nature
In this section we hear a lively rain forest and then the machines arrive.

03:54 Violence against property
We all know what happened on September 11th, 2001.

04:46 Violence against God’s creation
This section has a lot of instruments from the Middle East. I am not against Islam, but the violence should stop. We will bring balance in ‘Crescent Moon’, the opening track from S03 Paradise.