S03 Paradise

We are just a blip in the history of the Universe

Just a blip
It isn’t hard to feel totally insignificant and useless when you contemplate the size and age of the Universe. As far as we know, the Universe is now years old. This is roughly the time that has elapsed between now and the Big Bang. Science has a pretty good idea how the Universe evolved when the Universe was just 0,00000001  seconds old. However, the laws of physics fail before that. Before that, there was nothing.

14th century astronomy
The historic view on the Universe was completely different from the one we have today.  In Dante’s age, Earth was the center of the Universe. There where seven transparent concentric spheres (or heavens) and each sphere contained a planet, like a jewel in a ring. Science was yet unaware Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, so Dante’s Paradise had to suffice with the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and – ofcourse – the Sun.
Ring no. 8 kept the stars in their fixed positions (also known as the Firmament). A clever mechanism in the 9th ring provided motion to the solar system. Beyond that, there was the Home of God:  the Empyreum. The Eternal Fire.

Just a blip?
Maybe we’re just a blip, but we’re a special one. There are millions of Suns in our galaxy and there are millions of galaxies in the Universe. Most of it is light, gravity and emptiness. But we – humans – are aware of it. The Universe is aware of itself through us. In a way, the Universe would not exist without us. We can gaze in infinity through our telescopes, we can also gaze in infinity through our microscopes. So in a way, we are always exactly in the middle of the infinitely huge and infinitely small – wherever we are. We exist in a very special place called here and now.

Maybe there’s absolutely nothing when we die. But that’s exactly where the Universe came from, 14 billion years ago. And then, just a tiny fraction of a blip later – boom – totally everything.

The 3rd album of my sonic adventure follows the spheres of Dante’s Comedy until we reach the Empyreum. But the true goal of this album is to help you realize that feeling insiginificant and useless is a choice.  So choose wisely.