Tomorrow I’ll travel to Amsterdam for the annual Dance Event where the whole city is a stage. I am invited by Metapop/Native Instruments to participate in a live pressure cooker remix competition – obviously to show how much fun this platform really is. I am a Metapop Mentor, which basically means I try to help producers all over the world as much as I can. But the fun thing is,  that NI did a really big launch for some new affordable gear, new software and three new platforms for loops, sounds and showing off your remix skills. Metapop has grown huge in a matter of weeks, with many, many people trying to get a hold of a 4K grand prize, basically a full studio setup. So people are starting to know me as some kind of ‘authority’. I am not. I am nobody. But when I provide feedback, I make people feel better about themselves. I guess that’s what mentoring is about.

So tomorrow I am going to try something cool. I am not sure about the track we need to remix and how many people are in the game. But I am going to take my field recorder to the lab and collect as many cool sounds to make the track as possible. So it’s going to be a Cinematic ADE Found Sounds Lab Remix. There’s a Brute, there’s a System 8, probably a lot of Boutiques, so plenty of sources on headphones and accessible L/R outputs. Then I will use them in Ableton 10 and Maschine to create the remix. I think they will probably give us an hour. More news tomorrow!