Hi Guys,

Very blog starts with a first post and no audience. This one is no exception. Fortunately a lot has been going on since I came up with the idea of combining cinematic stuff with electronic music. So maybe a new genre was born, but I don’t really think in genres and styles. I love beats, patterns, wide space and emotions – translated to sound.

I am a mentor at Metapop.com, which means I help people to produce their tracks and get better. Which is cool, because I just throw sounds at people and most of the time I just do what feels right.

When making music, I follow my own ‘tingle scale’. When I was young you could run into a track that could make the back of your neck tingle. It’s not just a track, sometimes it could only be a sound or bass riff. I can still remember ‘The Space Between’ from Roxy Music. After a while the effect wears out, but this is basically ‘what makes music good’. It’s personal. My ‘tingle scale’ is triggered by minor chords, pads, strings, dynamics, driving repetition, space and the unexpected / out of place. This basically sums up the style ‘cinematic dance music’.

If WordPress allows, I will be creating four sections on this website with posts about beats, patterns, space and emotion. Hopefully it will help you find your way in this huge universe of VST’s, gear and sounds. My favorite conventional genres are techno, trance, ambient and classical.  I don’t understand Jazz, but people say I’m good at that. So I do that too. And I must say, playing jazz is really cool. It’s not that different from improvising with a modular.  So welcome to the Cinematic Room. Make yourself at home.

You can find my music here: