Modular Anonymous

Ok. It just happened. Last week I got the eurorack modular disease. The money black hole. The addiction that beats drugs, alcohol and other bad things. I had to make some choices. Sold my Yamaha Montage 6. Greats synth – maybe the best synth on the planet – but it always gave me a wedding party vibe. It’s not cool as a Bob Moog or a Sequential Dave Smiths. Eurorack is cool. No doubt about it. It’s pure RocketScience. It belongs in the BatCave. And it suits the Cinematic sound very well. I will be creating pages with information about my modular choices. Hopefully this will help you to stay far away from it, or make wise(r) choices. There must be thousands of modules out there, just waiting to be part of your own personal custom synth.

Having seriously second thoughts about my MatrixBrute too. It was supposed to be the nerve center for my forthcoming eurorack adventure. But now both are part of the BatCave studio list, and I was hoping to borrow the Brute’s filters. Didn’t work. Gave it external sound, didn’t work. Patched the Steiner Parker filter, nothing happened. Obviously I don’t understand how all this works, but I will find out soon that all these patch points are for external CV/Gate control only.  As far as the sounds are concerned, nothing screams like a Brute.  But then there’s MakeNoise… So why keep this big, heavy and brutal machine when you can also fit it in a suitcase?
Keep you posted…